Weight Loss Supplements That Really Work

If you are one of the 65% of the population that falls under the category of being obese, chances are that you are tempted to try out any form of treatment that you believe will work. In addition improving your health, weight loss can also help transform your emotional health.

However, looking for fast weight loss techniques is not always the answer. About 15% of the obese population today opts for use of weight loss supplements that promise loss of appetite, blocking of fat absorption and increase in rate of metabolism.
Picking the Right Supplements
Many weight loss experts recommend against the use of a number of marketed supplements because of FDA norms and lack of evidence with respect to effectiveness. It is thus important that you speak to your expert before you opt for any over the counter treatment.

Most experts would recommend the use of supplements such as calcium, green tea extract, meal replacements, fiber and conjugated linoleic acid depending on your weight loss requirements.

Calcium for Weight Loss
While calcium is often synonymous with the health of your bones, this mineral is also one of the best weight loss supplements. This is because calcium helps lose fat while preserving your muscles. There have been a number of studies that highlight the advantages specific to weight loss of service low-fat dairy foods thrice a day. Dairy foods among fruits such as bananas are rich in calcium and protein.
However, people who are vegan and do not eat any dairy products are at a major loss. For this group of individuals, intake of calcium supplements can be the correct solution.
It has also been found that women who consumed1000 mg of calcium supplements a day averagely lost more weight and body fat in comparison to the group that relied on placebo.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid
CLA is essentially a fatty acid that is created in small amounts in many milk products and in red meat. Studies show that the consumption of CLA supplements help in losing body fat and increasing the lean body mass. Consumption of 3.2 grams of CLA once a day for 6 months suggested better weight control than the intake of placebo among a group of people.
By consulting your doctor, you will be able to arrive at a well balanced diet that can be complemented with the right type of herbal supplements that ensure effective weight loss and maintenance for a long time.

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